Technique and communication:
essential values for a memorable
orchestral conducting


Successful companies that decline
are simply entities
which for to long have
underestimated the reality of strategic decay.
"We focus on efficiency,
not limited to costs,
but rather the absence of dispersion.

Global Control Group Holding SA is a Swiss Company that operates on domestic and international markets.We propose ideas, strategic business and operational solutions that meet and anticipate customer needs, by offering quality services, which help, sustain growth and profitability sought by the customer. Our staff receives regular training to improve and develop their skills.


"In a nonlinear world, only nonlinear ideas create new wealth"

We are a Swiss leading company providing global consulting services, operating successfully worldwide.

A company should not overlook the fact that it can copy anything, except company spirit.

Team spirit revolves aroud assistance and support in realizing customer projects. Like music is able to unite and communicate with all peoples, the same way Global Control Group Holding communicates and interacts with customers and partners around the world.

About Us

Maurizio Scuotto

President and Founder

No company is better than its aspirations.
No limit will prevent us from creating value and quality in services, as this alone would be an obstacle to growth and change. The “grey-haired revolutionaries” are companies and people who have reinvented themselves and their business continously.
Grey hair does not depend on age, but rather from strategic experience gained over the years.

Learning from our competitors gives access to their strategies achieving results difficult to obtain from other sources.
There is no particular secret to achieve successful targets. It is the result of preparation, hard work and above all learning from our mistakes.
Neither the strongest company not competent people would survice in the medium to long term, but rather those that will be more responsive to change.