“One can choose to go back towards security or to proceed towards growth.

Businesses open out into new export markets, establishing relations with other businesses, consumers and institutions that operate on these markets, for the purpose of selling, manufacturing, buying raw materials or sourcing new financing and investment through this process.


The main requirements:

  • soundness in economic and financial terms;
  • quality products suited to the target markets;
  • competitive prices;
  • reliable information systems;
  • resources (time, money, staff) to invest;
  • reliable interlocutors and counterparts in export countries.


The main aims of a business wanting to internationalize are:

  • penetration into new markets;
  • cost reduction;
  • structural growth;
  • delocalization of business activities;
  • optimization of tax burdens.


Solid support focusing on firm development


  • Company law: mergers, demergers and company acquisitions;
  • Business contracts with special focus on agency and distribution agreements, joint venture agreements, contracts for leasing, factoring and franchising;
  • Protection and exploitation of intellectual property;
  • Disputes;
  • Consultancy and legal assistance in employment law;
  • Consultancy and legal assistance in public administrative law (authorizations, visas, permits, licences, etc.);
  • Consultancy and assistance for the optimization process in the stages of taking part in public calls for tender, support during the tender stages and management of any appeals.
  • Consultancy for the protection and exploitation of trademarks: contracts, analysis and research into prior registration; design protection and protection of knowhow and trade secrets.
  • Analysis of new markets and business openings.
  • Sourcing of technical or commercial business partners.
  • Feasibility studies and business plan development with specific contract management.
  • Contacts with international Institutions.
  • Attendance at international trade fairs and direct workshops.
  • Sourcing of testing laboratories for export permits.
  • Consultancy for customs procedures – CAD – integrated logistics.
  • Consultancy for EU quality certification.
  • Development of networks and franchises