“One can choose to go back towards security or to proceed towards growth.


Solid support focusing on firm development


  • Company law: mergers, demergers and company acquisitions;
  • Business contracts with special focus on agency and distribution agreements, joint venture agreements, contracts for leasing, factoring and franchising;
  • Protection and exploitation of intellectual property;
  • Disputes;
  • Consultancy and legal assistance in employment law;
  • Consultancy and legal assistance in public administrative law (authorizations, visas, permits, licences, etc.);
  • Consultancy and assistance for the optimization process in the stages of taking part in public calls for tender, support during the tender stages and management of any appeals.
  • Consultancy for the protection and exploitation of trademarks: contracts, analysis and research into prior registration; design protection and protection of knowhow and trade secrets.
  • Analysis of new markets and business openings.
  • Sourcing of technical or commercial business partners.
  • Feasibility studies and business plan development with specific contract management.
  • Contacts with international Institutions.
  • Attendance at international trade fairs and direct workshops.
  • Sourcing of testing laboratories for export permits.
  • Consultancy for customs procedures – CAD – integrated logistics.
  • Consultancy for EU quality certification.
  • Development of networks and franchises